Your Employees Need Financial Support

The vast majority of Americans need some support with their finances and are interested in engaging in a financial education solution. We surveyed over 25,000 working adults between the age of 18-65 and found that:
No Cash Cushion

No Cash Cushion

of people surveyed couldn't cover an unexpected $500 expense

Delaying Medical Care

Delaying Medical Care

of people surveyed were delaying medical care or dental care due to cost

No Retirement Account

No Retirement Account

of people surveyed were not contributing to any retirement account

Numerous resources - 1 goal - financial freedom

Engage with what motivates you and work through your personalized dashboard to achieve financial freedom


Build a foundation by managing your spending, building a cash cushion, and becoming debt-free. Then work through steps to grow your portfolio.


Track your progress as your work to become debt-free and grow your portfolio

Content Library

Expand your knowledge and confidence in your financial decisions by engaging in articles, videos, and infographics


Learn through the in-depth course material on a wide variety of topics and customized benefit explanation courses for your organization


Get your questions answered by an expert by connecting 1-1 with a MoneyWellth team member

One Platform – Life-Changing Results

Empowering Employees

     This is so great! I loved how easy it was to find the topics that I am interested in.

Stacy S. – Middle School Teacher

Guidance through all of life's significant events

When life events happen, money becomes top of mind Providing employees resources to help them navigate life's events allows them to worry less about their finances and spend more time focused on what matters to them.

Starting a family

Guidance through saving for additional expenses, starting a college fund, managing child care, and other resources

Sending a child to college

Paying for college, adjusting household expenses, emotional and mental support, and university resources

Buying a home

Saving for a house, managing the buying process, connecting with the right agent and broker, insurance needs, preparing for repairs, and more

Adult parents moving in

Adjusting expenses, communication plan, and setting boundaries, healthcare support, and more

OUR MISSION - Empower financial freedom by expanding access to financial education and resources so that every individual can live a life free of financial worry.

MoneyWellth Blog

What’s Happening With Supply Chains?

In early April of this year, more than 700 container ships were waiting to get into the ports of Shanghai, China. The average number of boats waiting to unload in Shanghai over the last few years was closer to 200. A significant reason for this upward spike is the recent Chinese COVID crackdown, forcing people to stay at home again. The graph below was published recently by “Fortune” magazine. The red-colored spike shows the dramatic increase in ships waiting at the port this April.

Compound Interest Rates

Compound interest accelerates the growth of savings and investments over time. The definition of compound interest is - the interest earned on an investment or savings account is reinvested into that same account, earning even more interest.

5 Tips on Preparing for Retirement

Many of us don’t put enough money away for retirement. Statistics show that most Americans aren’t saving enough and will have to work long after age 65 to make ends meet or reduce their lifestyles significantly to get by in the later years. For that reason, we are always encouraging people to save more.

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