Why Financial Wellness?

The vast majority of Americans need some support with their finances and are interested in engaging in financial support. We surveyed over 25,000 working adults between the ages of 18 – 65, and this is what we found:

1 %
No Emergency Reserve

of people surveyed couldn’t cover an unexpected $500 expense

1 %
Delaying Medical Care

of people surveyed were delaying medical or dental care because of the cost

1 %
No retirement Account

of people surveyed were not contributing to any type of retirement account 

Employees Health & Productivity

Financial stress may have a more significant impact on healthcare costs and business performance than you might think.

We had participants complete a survey asking them about their health and lifestyle choices, the results may surprise you. 


Our Solution

Moneywellth provides multi-tiered employer customization with an engaging personalized participant experience. What this means is that participants will be provided the information that they are interested in and be able to engage on the financial path that is right for them.

Core Financial Topics

Regardless of where participants are on their financial journey, the MoneyWellth platform provides personalized resources in a variety of formats to help guide participants to financial success.







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Flexibility & Customization

Multi-tier grouping

Our admin system allows for multi-tiered grouping and customization, making it easy to ensure your employees see the content and resources relevant to them.

Admin Reporting

See aggregate reporting on your participants journey and have better insight into the type of financial support that your employees need most.

Benefit Customization

Don’t just teach participants about the importance of contributing to their 401(k), teach them how to get involved in the 401(k) offered to them at your organization.

Content Integration

Direct participants to available resources or partner sites already offered by your organization.

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