What’s new at MoneyWellth

We’re always working on new features and improvements. New Features and improvements released today:

Savings Goal Card Updated to Your Motivation

Users set financial goals for various reasons—saving for a trip, paying off debt, buying a home, and more. What truly matters is identifying what motivates you financially. Therefore, we’ve renamed the goal-setting widget to Your Motivation. This change encourages you to reflect on your financial motivations and understand why making good financial decisions is important to you.


Recent Transaction Widget Improvements

We have updated the most recent transaction widget to show your three most recent transactions, no matter when they happened. Quick and easy, so you can see where your money went!


Making a Budget is Simple with MoneyWellth

Creating a budget for the first time can be daunting. That’s why we’ve improved our budgeting pages to highlight key insights from MoneyWellth. As you build your budget, MoneyWellth shows you what you’ve spent in each category on average over the last six months. This helps you establish a realistic budget target. Don’t guess—review your spending and set a budget that reflects your actual expenses.


Subscription Insights Renamed to Recurring

We renamed our subscription section to Recurring. This section includes more than just your subscriptions like Hulu and Spotify. No data has been removed; it’s simply a renaming update to better describe the data included in this section.


Bug Fixes

  • Category Icon Refresh: Fixed an issue where category icons wouldn’t update throughout the app after the category had been changed. Now, when you change a category, the icon updates everywhere—no more confusion!
  • Recurring Data Optimization: Optimized the recurring data we receive from our partner, Plaid. Previously, some users saw duplicate merchants listed in the Recurring section. We’ve improved how we display this data.
  • iPad Monthly Budget Tile: Fixed an issue where the Monthly Budget tile on the Dashboard was cut off for iPad users. The tile now displays correctly.
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