The MoneyWellth Platform

MoneyWellth’s technology solution teaches and enables employees on how to achieve financial freedom and success.


Financial Assessment

Complete our simple four-part survey, so we better understand where you are on your financial journey.

Personalized Paths

Once you have completed your financial assessment, your dashboard will contain your top 3 paths to begin your financial education.

Financial Resources

Skip the assessment and personalized paths and head straight to our resource center to engage in resources, videos, and articles.

Wage and Cost of Living Comparison

Curious about changing jobs or moving? Our wage and cost of living comparison provide data that allows you to see averages in each state and job position.

Employer Benefits Explained

Learn about your current employee benefits offerings to ensure you are enrolling and engaging in the benefits that are right for you.

Connect with a Financial Expert

Ready to take the next step and engage with financial experts and organizations. Connect with an expert in your area.

Personalized Financial Journey

Financial Assessment

Our four-part financial assessment allows us to provide recommendations and see where your financial areas of interest are.

Personalized Financial Paths

We provide your top 3 paths on your MoneyWellth dashboard, or you can engage and any of your recommended tracks in the For You section.

financial resources

Financial education for all aspects of financial well-being

employee benefits explained

Personalize the financial experience for your organization by providing articles and videos explaining the specifics of your employee benefits offerings. Group participants and customize the site, so only the offerings available to each participant are seen by them.

connect with an expert

Once a participant has learned core financial habits, they may be interested in taking the next step and connecting with a financial expert. Our experts cover a variety of topics, whether participants are interested in purchasing insurance, meeting with a mortgage broker, or investing with a wealth manager. Participants can locate and contact organizations using our WellthExperts site.