Why that Pay Raise Won’t Make a Difference

Almost all of us, at one point, have said to ourselves: “If I can just make $X/year, I will no longer need to worry about money,” or, “If I get paid $X/hour, everything will change.” But for anyone reading this who has reached that once impossible threshold we set for ourselves many years ago, you Why that Pay Raise Won’t Make a Difference

Financial Wellness and Its True Meaning

In the fast-paced, economically-driven world we inhabit, discussions around health often revolve around the physical and mental health. However, there’s a third dimension of well-being that is equally vital, though perhaps less talked about – financial wellness. This concept doesn’t merely pertain to the size of your bank balance or the number of assets you Financial Wellness and Its True Meaning

The State of the U.S. Consumer: Troubled Waters Ahead?

The U.S. consumer has been remarkably resilient since the economy reopened after the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. People returned to restaurants, resumed travel, and spent money they had saved during lockdowns, a phenomenon dubbed “revenge spending”. This trend continues, with people spending freely at restaurants and maintaining strong retail spending, even amidst inflation. However, The State of the U.S. Consumer: Troubled Waters Ahead?

What is Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is achieved by taking on “healthy” financial habits. It means being able to be proactive with sensible money habits.

5 Tips for Launching a Workplace Financial Wellness Program

When it comes to launching a successful financial wellness program, several factors can drive program success. Investing in a program is a significant first step, but it’s also essential to have a strategy when it comes to launching the program.

Adding a Financial Wellness Solution to your Benefits Offering

Step 1: Survey, Your Population – understand your populations wants and needs. Take a look at your employee’s overall health and interests.

Navigating the Wellness Ecosystem

The Wellness Industry has changed significantly over the last few years, and those changes play an essential role in the wellness vendor ecosystem. For years comprehensive wellness vendors dominated a large portion of the market.

The Cost of Delaying Medical Treatment

We surveyed over 26,000 full-time working adults who have employer-sponsored health care coverage, and over 20% were currently delaying medical or dental care because of the cost. Taking control of your finances shouldn’t mean the choice of being healthy or unhealthy. But unfortunately, for one out of every five insured adults surveyed, it does.

How Life Events Impact Finances

Thinking about your finances every day is something most people don’t want to do. For most of us, thinking about finances happens when we are stressed over money and trying to make ends meet or during the time of a significant life event.

Seven Ways to Add Extra Income

Adding extra income on the side can help you reach your financial goals faster. Here are seven ways to add additional income.