Step 1: Survey, Your Population – Understand your Populations Wants and Need

Take a look at your employee’s overall health and interests. Through our partner Lenux Health you can use our comprehensive health assessment to survey your population and analyze your participant’s financial interests for FREE. Use this information as a baseline for your program and customize your financial wellness offering to fit your organization. LEARN MORE

Step 2: Create a Strategy

Create a strategy and decide on critical metrics for your program. In year one, you may choose to measure engagement or progress within the program. Create program goals that fit your organization and determine how you are going to measure progress.

Step 3: Integrate your Benefits Offering into your Financial Wellness Solution

Make sure you are not just educating your employees on why to contribute to their 401(k) or about low-cost health care options. Instead, use a solution that allows your participants to learn about their specific offerings and will enable them to act directly from the application.

Step 4: Use a Multi-Verse Marketing Campaign

Promote your financial solution in a variety of ways. From email marketing campaigns to flyers up around the office. Making sure employees are aware of their new offering is critical to increasing participation.

Step 5: Get Feedback

Launch your solution to your population and send out surveys for feedback from your users. One-size doesn’t fit all, so it’s essential to give your employees a voice and make sure the solution is providing the best user experience.

Step 6: Do a Quarterly Review and Update

Work with your solution provider to update and enhance your service offering every quarter to ensure you are providing the best solution possible. LEARN MORE ABOUT MONEYWELLTH AND OUR FINANCIAL WELLNESS SOLUTION