It’s been almost a year since the pandemic started, and our lives changed forever. How we once worked, communicated, and behaved has been altered forever. Our work-life stability has been shaken up, and the uncertainty and reality of learning a new normal has been challenging. As a human resource manager, you have had the most challenging job of all. Human resources centers around people—the people who make your organization’s identity. As HR professionals, you support colleagues, some of who are their closest friends. You help your peers navigate payroll, benefits, training sessions, best practices, hiring, terminating, furloughing, and much more. These business functions were tough enough to manage before the pandemic, sometimes even underappreciated, but now you have to show up, encourage your peers, and roll out and communicate this changing work dynamic in a world full of unknown, not just for them but for you. As hard as the pandemic has been for people at work, it has also shaken up many people’s personal lives. Supporting your employees means being there for them when they are in and out of the office. Life doesn’t just happen when you are working; it happens all of the time. Here are five common life events that have impacted employees during the pandemic with resources to help them navigate.

Adjusting to Parents Moving In

Having a parent move back in can be a choice your family makes for several reasons. Before you take the step to move your parent in, it’s critical to take the time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and to make sure everyone is on the same page. It’s important to consider your parent’s point of view and your own.

Adult Children Moving Back In

Adult children moving back home with their parents can be the springboard they need for success. With student loan debt, the high cost of living, and isolation from COVID quarantines, adult children moving back in with their parents can help them get ahead. Whether you are the parent accepting your child moving back home or the young adult making the decision to move back in with mom and dad, here are a few things to discuss.

Caregiving for an Elderly Family Member or Friend

Gauging the need for your loved ones is always tricky. Does mom or dad need to stop driving? Are they having trouble keeping up with their prescriptions? Without being with your family members and friends every day, it’s hard to know how they are really doing. It’s also hard for people to ask for help or admit that they need assistance.

Moving in and Partnering

The way that couples approach moving in together and partnering can impact the overall health of their relationship. Making purposeful decisions about your relationship can lead to an overall healthier and happier union. Here is a checklist of items to discuss with your significant other when preparing to move in together.

Transitioning to Part-time Work

Transitioning to part-time work can happen for many reasons, staying home with kids, pursuing a passion project, or enjoying hobbies. Whatever your reason is, here are some things to think about as you transition to part-time work.